Analysis primer

We map social challenges of the tech world using text mining

➀ We identified 6 umbrella topics related to social challenges of internet technologies

We have assigned keywords for each topic. Those keywords were used for article retrieval

➁ We use tech articles shared on Twitter , Reddit and Hackernews

We extract article texts and meta data using Python package Newspaper3k

➂ Our dataset consists of 111k articles

➃ We cluster the articles based on their similarity

Text data can be treated as high dimensional vectors. Reducing dimensionality and preserving meaningful clusters is a well known challenge in the text mining field. We have applied an original algorithm combination (t-SNE using single perplexity 50 and Gaussian mixture) which proved to be effective in producing coherent maps of articles.

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Top domains identified in the articles

The most frequently occurring words in the articles


Key characteristics

Number of articles


Main domains

Medium, The Guardian, NYTimes